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Pista - Marbulito - Job reference - Lighting Plus

Pista suspended includes the option of having light on the top side of its track rail. Try accent and general light upwards, down or both, general light with general light, or accents all over. All of Pista’s exciting family can be used to create endless possibilities. A plus with Médard spot: click it in the upward track and make it shine downwards, thanks to its flexibility.

As a bigger, more present version, Pista up/down gives designers ample options to try it out in larger spaces. Pista’s uplight brings a twofold benefit. It adds space by adding light by day. On its own at night, it creates a cosy and safe feeling.

‘Think out of the box’. It’s a common saying. But here at Modular, we believe in breaking up the box altogether and starting from scratch. That’s what led us to Pista, our new magnetic track rail system which shows how aesthetics can be both playful and functional. Sounds exciting? Well yes, meet Pista!

Médard 42 - Pista - Job reference - Lighting Plus

Infinite geometry

At first glance, you immediately notice Pista’s thin and slim design. But there is so much more to Pista than its looks. Pista is the Italian word for racetracks. Even though these tracks aren’t as curvy, they have the same potential for endless configurations. Thanks to a 180° connection, the track rail can run continuously linear LED lights – with module’s lengths starting from 500 mm up to an impressive 2500 mm.

Médard 42 - Pista - Job reference - Lighting Plus

Layers of light

To make it even more daring, Pista introduces to the market a twin bracket which makes it possible to feature linear lights next to spot lights using parallel modules. Up to you to create unique symmetrical and asymmetrical light configurations and turn interiors into your own geometrical playground.

Newly introduced are the two miniaturized versions of some of their well-known spot designs: Médard and Marbul, in fact Marbulito. The latter comes in both surface or suspended modules, all available with a 2-meter cable for the lovers of high ceilings.

Médard 42 - Pista - Job reference - Lighting Plus

New to the market

But it’s our new linear LED Night Light module – unique feature in the market – that will be the talk of town. Leave the light off, and the sleek black Night Light is a design element that enhances the geometry of the environment. Turn the light on and the black diffuser produces a smooth and cosy glow that soften the light to create ambience. It’s no overstatement that Pista will be the luminaire of choice for high-end residential environments, intimate retail spaces or hospitality venues.

Pista - Marbulito - Job reference - Lighting Plus

What meets the eye?

With everything Modular, beauty is definitely in the details. Pista’s track rail matches perfectly the miniature fixtures. Not to mention that it comes with cut-to-size covers that hide the magnetic track for a clean and sleek finish. Up to you to play with light points and shadows in your configurations.

Pista - Marbulito - Job reference - Lighting Plus

Easy peasy

In both stylish black or clean white struc,