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Qbini surface box

Qbini Miniature, modern simplicity for intimate spaces A portmanteau of ‘cubic’ and ‘mini’, Qbini introduces modular, miniature, recessed LED lighting solutions to residential and hospitality venues and boutiques. Qbini encourages designers to express a unique lighting concept in every project. Recessed, or mounted with a surface box, Qbini comes in a load of shapes, frames, colours and accessories. Qbini combines choice with exclusive design and high-quality lighting technology.

With Qbini, it's a matter of setting limits. There's no end to what you can accomplish with this family of playful cubes. The new surface box make your decisions even more difficult!


At just 44mm x 44mm, Qbini is the smallest miniature square recessed spot in the Modular family. But behind the scenes — or in this case, behind the ceiling — a lot of big thinking went into creating the world’s first plug-and-play, no screws required recessed spot. Modular engineer Lukas Weyhaeghe tells us how he came to design the groundbreaking functionality behind Qbini’s perfect form, it is now available in black, white and gold.

Qbini adjustable comes with the same patented clicking system and tool-free, screw-free installation process as the original. Select the standard recessed position, or click the unit in again for a deeper recess. It fits in existing one up to four Qbini frames and can be mixed-and matched with any combination of the other 6 Qbini units to achieve special effects tailored to your space. Rotate the LED light source to highlight room elements with a medium or flood beam angle tilted at 30 degrees.

The concept for Qbini’s system emerged through the power of ‘what if’.

With this method Weyhaege also found ingenious ways to pack a whopping 400 lm in each tiny luminaire, and ensure it offered exceptional colour rendering. Perfection reached by trying, failing, pushing further and playing with possibilities.

“It’s part of Qbini’s DNA to always stay cutting edge, though for 2018, we’ve actually cut off all the edges to create our new Qbini trimless. We’re very excited about this new recessed frame, because it literally removes the borders to your creativity. Qbini trimless clicks in flush to the ceiling, with no visible edges, so you can link an almost limitless number of lamps at 90° or 180°.

Fitting with all existing Qbini lamps and as modular, flexible and creative as the original, Qbini trimless makes for a lighting family of unbounded potential. The ceiling’s your only limit!