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Kreon - 2020 kreonicle

kreon inti is a fully recessed premium downlight with a refined patented ® optical system. kreon inti fixed downlight has a build in dome set above a black or white internal louvre, satinated for ambient luminescence or faceted to add a more scattering play of brilliance. kreon inti directional combines the dome effects with a decentralized directional spotlight that has an angular adjustment of 30°. When combined with the choice of spot, darklight or wide darklight reflector it provides a truly accent lighting tool.

kreon aplis/down (in-line) 60 is a new range of round — and square shaped

recessed downlights with an aperture of 60mm. Equipped with the newest

System Bartenbach faceted RMJ reflector in a fixed downlight or wallwash luminaire they offer optimal efficiency and uniformity. Combined with an UGR<19 wide flood optic they are the perfect tool to bring general lighting

in an office space. With the additional choice of superspot, spot, flood, wide flood and wall washer, it provides a truly versatile lighting tool.

Kreon kagi

The kreon kagi profile system has a spatial strength that wants to organise and connect the individual zones in modern architecture. It is an object of a pure construction without wanting to be visual ballast, constructed according to the principle of the straight line and the economic principle, i.e. maximum effect with a minimum of shape or material. kreon kagi constructs compositions that are in direct dialogue with the space in which they are used and consists of connecting basic elements — 24V track — with simple round or square volumes and materials. These formal three-dimensional compositions, which are perceived as one whole, are always clearly constructed from individual and independent elements. The resulting object always has its own dynamics — formal and visual — in an architecture which, depending on the intended purpose, must be coordinated by the architect or lighting planner. The kreon kagi system aims to be a guiding principle in the architecture and to provide an answer to the elementary solutions desired in a lighting plan.

belux siro stands for a quest for the different! It is the answer to a thorough design process of belux listening to partners who are leading experts in spatial design and office/workplace planning. belux siro combines the renowned aesthetical expertise of the Belgian art director Kristof Pycke and the outstanding knowledge of the Swiss engineer in charge Bruno Aeberli. kreon siro represents professional workplace lighting with best de-glare characteristics, while also allowing for excellent and well balanced light distribution. Its aesthetics break conventions and thus supports exceptional interior design concepts.

Kreon siro is a functional desk light with an asymmetrical light distribution for individual task lighting. Its rotatable head integrates 3 System Bartenbach reflectors providing high visual and glare free working light. kreon siro can be operated and dimmed wireless just by touching the small tube at its base. kreon siro can be flush integrated in the desktop or mounted on a round stand. kreon siro is offered in black and white.

kreon stripe 25 is a truly versatile semi-recessed ceiling luminaire characterised by a compact form hosting a single or double deepset downlight or a single wallwasher. kreon stripe 25 combines small rythmic pools of accent lighting with homogeneous wall washing light effects. High efficient optics developed by System Bartenbach provide efficient, glare free light and even light distribution. Finished in black for a dramatic contrast or pure white to disappear in the surrounding architecture.

kreon prologe 40 in-dolma is a new made to measure profile that wants to create functional light through the discrete presence of simple architectural volumes. The program consists of a 48V magnetic track integrated into a kreon dolma 40 recessed profile housing that can be equipped with single or double cilindrical or cubed shaped light modules. These luminaires are available in a downlight or wallwash optic. Additionally the profile works also with most other kreon 48V track luminaires. With this design, kreon prologe 40 in-dolma offers not only a new architecture, but also demonstrates how architecture is defined by light and appearance.

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