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Kreon - 2020 kreonicle

kreon inti is a fully recessed premium downlight with a refined patented ® optical system. kreon inti fixed downlight has a build in dome set above a black or white internal louvre, satinated for ambient luminescence or faceted to add a more scattering play of brilliance. kreon inti directional combines the dome effects with a decentralized directional spotlight that has an angular adjustment of 30°. When combined with the choice of spot, darklight or wide darklight reflector it provides a truly accent lighting tool.

kreon aplis/down (in-line) 60 is a new range of round — and square shaped

recessed downlights with an aperture of 60mm. Equipped with the newest

System Bartenbach faceted RMJ reflector in a fixed downlight or wallwash luminaire they offer optimal efficiency and uniformity. Combined with an UGR<19 wide flood optic they are the perfect tool to bring general lighting

in an office space. With the additional choice of superspot, spot, flood, wide flood and wall washer, it provides a truly versatile lighting tool.