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Wow, what’s that floating from the ceiling? We’ll tell you: an LED luminaire made of ult-ra-thin aluminium with a minimalist design that perfectly suits contemporary interior design concepts. That’s why you’ll often come across DINOR in the bar or dining area of a chic restaurant, where it playfully creates stunning accents. And it comes in several different sizes and colour alternatives, such as black-gold, red-white, and grey-white. What kind of combination possibilities does DINOR offer? DINOR partners well with ROOMOR, for instance, a lighting system especially developed for the hotel sector that harmonises perfectly with the aluminium luminaire in both style and colour. See for yourself and discover the possibilities.



When the hero in the movie pulls up his collar, that’s when we know: Things are about to get dramatic. And that’s exactly how it is with TOWNA, whose cupped frame works like a dimmer, gently and subtly directing the light to create a warm and inviting ambience – even in smaller city apartments. TOWNA can be used both as a high-impact ceiling luminaire and as a decorative wall luminaire. A particularly practical feature: This round luminaire, inspired by nature, is available in three different sizes and six different colour options. That means it can be individually combined to suit any project.



What turns every beverage into the perfect summer drink? A few refreshingly chilled ice cubes, of course. And that is exactly what provided the inspiration for MIRBI, whose glossy look is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. Its secret? A sandblasted inner surface that ensures a particularly soft and gentle light. The shimmering acrylic luminaire can be used to create dramatic highlights both in the living area and in the bathroom. After all, MIRBI is IP44 certified and keeps a cool head even in damp conditions. Cubes aren’t your thing? Then you can choose MIRBI’s long or round versions for your home and explore many different shapes and design possibilities.

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