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LightGraphix LD1094

We are pleased to launch the LD1094, an IP67 rated, high-power, adjustable recessed downlight for interior and exterior use – see data sheet here.

It has been designed around a combination of key features found on our high-power adjustable uplight, LD155 and LD1083 downlight. Though the LD1094 can be used in any exterior application, we have specifically designed it to perform in the harshest marine environments. Below is a brief break down of key features. For full technical information, the data sheet is attached and is also live on the product page of our website.

  • Rated IP67 (From the front) and IP65 (From the back)

  • Innovative ball-joint rotates the lens assembly 360° and tilts up to 25° for ultimate flexible focusing

  • Removable bezel for quick and easy on-site focusing once the product is installed

  • N1 engine delivering up to 755 lumens in 3000K (E2 engine is coming soon)

  • Colour temperatures available 2200K-5000K

  • Medium spot (MSB) 28°, medium (MB) 35°, wide (WB) 46°. extra wide (WWB) 65°, 22x 43° (OB) oval beam available

  • 67mm body depth, 90mm bezel diameter, 60mm cut-out diameter

  • Interchangeable optics and glare control accessories including honeycomb louvre

  • Machined metal finishes, marine grade and an unlimited choice of RAL colours available

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