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Why Orluna

Today! I’d like to share with you that Orluna from U.K.

Orluna first notable success was in developing Quad 50 range of architectural downlights, which proved to be hugely popular with lighting designers around the world.

Origin family of downlights, uplights and spots took things a step further by offering even better colour rendering for richer reds and truer whites (CRI: 98 & R9: 99).

In 2020, we achieved our most beautiful lit effect yet with the launch of Origin Natural. Thanks to its unique phosphor blend, Orluna new engine delivers an RF of 98 and RG of 100, resulting in a greater definition and distinction between colours and textures, as well as a marked improvement in the cyan spectrum.we believe beautiful design deserves beautiful lighting. it’s why we strive to create the world’s very best lit effect – lighting that doesn’t just illuminate a space, but enhance its beauty!

Only orluna’s Beautifully Lit range has our unique recipe of light. Inspired by the natural light of Provence, where artists have flocked for centuries, it’s light that gives clarity to colour, light that brings your whole world to life, just as nature intended.

It has 4 engines can choose, whichever engine you choose, also can highlight your design and inspiration.


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