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Modular Product Launch 2, 2021

Your personal touch with designs & colours Modularity is ever present with Tetrix,

our new family that wants to play with you.

Its variety of designs, accessories and installation options will make your head swirl with possibilities.

Make your composition with your personal touch, or try another one.

And check out Lotis, and our SLD family, their lovely new colours will warm your heart, and space.

new product Tetrix New downlighter family, new possibilities. Tetrix has a little bit of a gamer mindset and is ready to play. A design made of several parts, all its elements fitting into one another. Every new combination is a new game. Start now!

We wanted a new recessed spot that gives minimal glare but that offers modularity and playfulness. That’s why Tetrix offers so many designs with a deep-recessed light source, installation options and accessories that have both anti-glare and aesthetical value. Product Manager, Modular Lighting Instruments:Werner Roelen

new colours SLD50 Our already popular profile family is becoming more and more in demand.

Residential, hospitality and office spaces simply can’t get enough of our slender light lines. Now with new anodised colours, SLD50 will charm your lights off.

new colours Lotis One of the spot families that put us on the map, Lotis is always a good choice. Several smart lighting options are now available for Lotis 82, and wait until you see the list of new colour finishes. Add a unique touch to your space.