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Smart family

Smart is Modular's most versatile range of architectural lighting, it includes Smart Cake, Smart Kup and Smart Lotis with different versions. They are available in a diverse variety of forms, sizes, colours and mounting options, it's the ideal downlight to mix and match - in order to create nearly limitless combinations for any application.

If you aim to accentuate luminaires themselves as distinctive design elements, you can choose from surface and suspended mounting options. For a more discreet, integrated effect, recessed installations are also possible. Install Smart on walls with direct light up and/or down. Square masks in identical or contrasting colours can help you emphasis light-shaping

designs even further. in other words: the combinations are limitless.

Achieve the same mellow, comfortable effect as halogen lighting with eco-friendly and energy-efficient LEDs when Smart spotlight are dimmed. Ensure that your space is as visually comfortable as possible with this small but mighty evolution. After all, the beauty is in the details.