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LightGraphix - LD42D/LD42DA: NEW Miniature domed wall light

Introducing the newest miniature wall light addition, the LD42D, an evolution of our low glare LD42 wall light range. The new LD42D features a solid machined domed bezel, removing glare when viewed from above.

The high-quality domed bezel is a minimal 36mm in diameter and available in a wide range of solid metal and painted finishes including: 316 Stainless Steel, Polished & Passivated 316 Stainless Steel, Machined Brass, Flamed Solid Bronze, our standard wet spray paint finishes, or any RAL colour.

Ideal for lighting pathways and wide staircases in both interior and exterior applications, the LD42D is IP67 rated and can achieve a powerful floor wash of up to 3000mm.

In addition to the LD42D, we have also developed the LD42DA, which features an extra 20° tilt film to focus the light down for a concentrated effect, suited to narrow or discreet lighting applications.

The LD42D and LD42DA deliver between 69lm-73lm at 500mA and offer the same high-performance features and superior beam quality as the existing LD42 range, including colour temperatures between 2200K-5000K.

We will now also be offering an extra oval beam across all LD42 fittings, increasing on the variety of effects that can be created with our current narrow, medium and wide beam angles.

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