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Modular 2020 launch



Placebo is a paradigm of playful choices of upward and downward light. You will quickly discover more options. Two shapes, sizes, a variety of colours. All playful instruments designed for you, to turn your creative vision into lovely rhythms of pure forms and light.

Line them up, line them down

Placebo offers much more than general lighting up and down. Its surprising light effect becomes obvious as soon as you start experimenting with more than one Placebo. Try out different light compositions. One, two, a row of alternating up and down lights, using the same midline level or different levels, or in a creative cluster.

Mix & match, shapes & colours

Ball or tube, small or large, many colours. It’s a family of elements inviting you to mix and match. Every piece is made to fit with each other, for you to play. Push modularity further and explore outside the Placebo family. Elevate your narrative with complementary Jeffrey Huyghe-designed families such as Shellby and Thimble.

Play with pure

The complexity of Placebo resides behind hand-blown quality glass. A striking feature that gives Placebo’s general light a pleasant, diffusing effect, and that keeps us from seeing the cable inside the uplight. As both uplight and downlight look identical, and no screws are visible, Placebo is a play of pure geometrical shapes!


Como Corner


A vibrant desire to have beautiful, indirect lighting in a challenging space, is what brought Como Corner to life. A new linear lighting family that can fit everywhere, discreetly, and whose ambient light will nicely accentuate vertical or horizontal lines in a space.

Up down, top bottom

Soft, indirect lighting, horizontally side-to-side where wall meets ceiling, or in the middle of the wall. Como Corner emits up and down light, and each LED strip can be controlled separately. Try it also in a vertical corner, from top to bottom. Como Corner’s two designs will blend in nicely in a space. Paint it in the same colour as your wall or ceiling for a smoother integration and a moulding effect.