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ROOMOR Collection

Roomor Suspended - Wever & Ducré


Roomor Ceiling - Wever & Ducré

With ROOMOR, Wever & Ducré has developed a product that perfectly adapts to its surroundings. Inspired by the design style of the Roaring Twenties, this luminaire features an eye-catching cable arrangement and comes in various colours and countless variations. Whether you want it to bring some chic into your office or the certain something into a hotel lobby – ROOMOR is in for the job. These all-rounders are now ready for check-in in red, grey or sleek black and can be arranged and combined individually, with a choice of lamp shades in aluminium or felt.


It’s safe to believe the rumours: ROOMOR is a lamp that can change its appearance faster than a chameleon. And all it takes is a few simple steps. Just choose the shape and colour and combine them to your heart’s content.

“Versatility is the new black.”

#Black #Wallmounted #Ceilingmounted #Suspended #WeverDucré #TableLamp

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